Monday, April 5, 2010

Purple Haze

This month’s theme is purple. I bet you already guessed it from the cheeky title I chose for this post. April is here and Easter has come and gone, but I’ve still got purple on the brain, which is why I selected it for this month’s collage theme.

Below is my first collage of the month. Ok, I realize it’s a little late but we’ve been having some gorgeous spring weather here, and I just had to get out and enjoy it.

You’ll also notice that this collage features a large purple flower, albeit seated in lovely lavender cupcake holder, and surrounded by other shades of purple.


Kathianne said...

I love your collages! I'm a collage artist too. Nothing is more soothing to me than cutting and pasting. : )

MELANIE said...

Awww...thx :) BTW, you've got a great blog, yourself!