Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chandelier Collage

Sometime last year, the friend, who commissioned these black and white collages, wanted me to do another piece that was similar but had a pop of color. She also wanted it to be a larger piece and to include an image of a chandelier.

Above is the background that I started with. I used paper from the previous 3 collages I had done for her but also added some book pages, toile patterned tissue paper and handmade papers.

Then I added the color contrast by using turquoise colored paper as a background for the chandelier image.

Finally, I used stick on jewels to decorate the chandelier and the border of the collage to give it a sparkly appearance.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beach Glass Pendants

Oh, creating how I have missed you! Work, travel and other projects this spring have left me with little time to create art. That is why I intentionally set aside a mere 2 hours and signed up for a local beach glass wire-wrapped pendant workshop.

Below are the pendants I created in the workshop.

The first one I glued a small piece of found pottery on top of blue beach glass. I wire wrapped the entire pendant then crimped the wires in the front to make waves before twisting the wire at the top to create the bale.

The second one was a little trickier. It involved creating a springy coil from the wire then wrapping it around a piece of beach glass. I liked the shape of the beach glass, but it took lots of patience to get the coiled wire to stay wrapped around it. I finished it by wrapping more wire in a diagonal pattern and adding a little spiral to front.