Thursday, September 3, 2009

Architecture Inspiration

I believe inspiration can be found everywhere as long as we look for. But sometimes, it finds you instead. Sorting through my images this week I started finding connections between my photography and jewelry, especially my paper bangle series.

Above is a recent image where I captured the window of a lighthouse keeper's house. I loved not only the charming tiny painted boats on the shutter, but also the colorfully painted framing and smooth texture of the wood.
Here is the bracelet I created using wood patterned paper. The appearance of the wood grain gives it a natural look even though it is coating a resin bangle.

The shot of the actual lighthouse shows the contrast of the smooth exterior surface and the rough texture of the brick framing the door and windows.

Similarly, this bangle, which I covered in brick patterned paper, gives the illusion of texture despite it's smooth texture.

Finally, here is an image I took of a winery that mimics a French stone exterior. The use of the stone to create a building that seems so many centuries older than it really is intriguing to me.

Collecting these images and reflecting on my own experience as a teacher in architecture museums, I can now see that long hind sighted road that led to my current creative inspirations.

What are your inspirations? Where did they come from?