Monday, March 22, 2010

Irish Spring Collage

Ok, I realize that St. Patrick’s Day was last week, and while I’ve finished the Irish cheese and soda bread, I can’t get the green theme out of my mind. It probably doesn’t help that today it is raining here, which also makes me think of Ireland and vividly green grass.

For my latest sketchbook collage, I found this lovely image of a castle among the green grass and decided to incorporate more shades of this springy color into the composition. And it only seemed fitting to include the large scale four-leaf clover into the collage.

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Collage Challenge

Earlier this year, I started my collage challenge. The goal was to create a collage a week. Well, we've all seen how that has gone!

So, I decided to create another collage challenge for myself for the rest of the year. Instead of forcing myself to create a random collage each week, I will assign a different theme to each month to keep me on track and inspired.

This month the theme is SPRING. March is a month with so many beginnings. For me, it starts out on the first with my birthday. Then there is daylight savings, the day when we set the clocks ahead and are greeted with longer days and more hours of inspiring sunshine. This is followed by the actual first day of spring, when everything is new again.

My ode to spring this week consists of cheery pink tulips and bright yellow butterflies, because to me spring is all about the rebirth of nature and all living beings. What does spring mean to you????