Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just Beachy

In a previous post, I mentioned my fondness for the beach in winter, yet nothing can compare to the beach in summer. The warm sun and cool breezes. It may only be Lake Erie, but to me it's the ocean.

Last weekend, I met a friend at Pennsylvania's Presque Isle State Park and soaked in the glorious beach, which was so much nicer than I expected.

Inspired by my love of the beach, this resin bangle bracelet is covered with seashell paper plus an inside strip of yellow paper and glossed all over for a shiny finish.


Patrizia said...

Lovely! We don't have the beach here but I love it in late summer when I would go on vacation to the US

Ginger said...

I live near Lake Ontario, but have been to Erie a lot as well. It IS easy to imagine it as the ocean. It's the closest thing we have without a major road trip, hehe.

TheWoodyNook said...

OH--I love Presque Isle and going to Erie...we live in SW PA, about 25 mins from the WV border, but it only takes us maybe 3-ish hours to get to Erie. Our first time there was on the 4th, we went to the Fireworks Celebration at Merceyhurst College--FABULOUS!