Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Art on a Tote

A friend had artwork from my mini fashion series transferred to a canvas tote and gave it to me as present.

Here's the front of the bag.

And the original collage.

Here's the back.

And the original collage.

Isn't this super cute!?!


Kristen said...

VERY cool! You can never have too many totes either :)

Monica said...

What a great idea, that will be a fun tote to carry around!

Crochet n Pray said...

Great tote! So cool. Nice blog :)

LynLloyd said...

I always want to do what you do! Very unique! Lovely : ]


Karin said...

Hi Melanie,
What fun! 'Inspired' is just what your tote is :)
I've only been to your other Dose of Creativity blog, so this discovery is a treat.
Thanks for stopping by my 'spot' and sharing!