Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red Hot

It’s the six month mark for my collage challenge. I am half way done and still have a half a year to go. This month, instead of just showing you the collage I created, I am also going to give you a glimpse into my creative ideas for the rest of the month.

I bet you can guess from the title what this month’s theme is. If you said, “the color red,” then good for you! You got it right. For the rest of the month, I’ll be focusing on all things red.

But first, I had to go through all of my scraps and images to collect everything and anything that contained a shade of red. Then, I assembled them all together to get a feel for the color palate.

For this first collage, I was really drawn to the scraps that I had used a punch on, because I liked the way they could overlap but also show some white space. Then I put the image of the phone in, and more punched out scraps. It didn’t seem completely finished, so I added the ladybugs as an after thought and am pleased how it all turned out. What do you think??

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