Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Hearts

My latest collage in red was quite a challenge. But not for the reasons you may assume.

Instead, it was simply that I have so few scraps of red and they are all pretty much the same shade of red. Then I realized that most shades of red are the same, because it they were any lighter then they would be pink or orange!

So, I had a brilliant idea to break up all the reds so the collage didn't appear, well monochromatic. I took a piece of tissue paper and glued it to the top of my all-red collage composition. Then I used a gel medium to adhere it so that it became transparent in spots. I must say that I am pleased with the result and think this may be favorite red collage so far!


Gayle Pritchard said...

Your collage project is a great exercise. It looks like it is really increasing your fluency! I do the same thing on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing these.

MELANIE said...

Yes, Gayle it has been a fun challenge to do and share!