Thursday, May 21, 2009

LA Inspirations

I love LA! Ok, now I've said it. I think it is one of the most creative cities I have ever visited.

Here are a few things that inspired me on my recent trip there:

(Image by Me)

Above are lovely patterned pillows from the lounge at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach. It was one of the hotels we stayed at during our trip and was so beautifully designed. I adored the soft purples and browns and the traditional patterns that were mixed with stripes.

(The Garden, Image by Jelena Rokanovic)

This is a piece from a collage artist, Jelena Rokanovic, I read an article about in LAX Magazine shortly after arriving. I love that she uses actual images and hand cuts them to create her art. There is nothing digital here.

(Image by Me)

Finally, these are some gorgeous vases with transferred imagery I spotted at the Huntington's gift shop. Unfortunately, I was shooed away after taking this image, since the shop was closing. Does anyone know who makes them?

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