Monday, November 30, 2009

*Creative Holiday Giveaway*

I find the holidays to be an inspiring time of the year. There are so many opportunities to express your personal creativity. For me, this means trying new seasonal recipes - or creating new twists on traditional ones, finding unique gifts and wrapping them, and designing my own cards.

This year, I decided to take that inspiration and create a holiday-inspired collage pack for a giveaway. The collage pack, similar to the ones in my etsy shop, contains 30 + pieces of ephemera from plain to decorative paper scraps, ribbons, stickers and tags. Everything you need to inspire your own creativity. You can use this pack to make cards, gift tags, ACEOs, mini collages, the possibilites are endless...

So how do you win this pack of holiday goodness?

All you have to do is leave a comment about what inspires your creativity during the holidays.

I'll pick a winner from all entries received by midnight local time on Thursday, December 4 and announce the lucky person the following day on December 5.



audreyscountrycrafts said...

What a great give away!! My creative mojo has been in hiding :) Though every year I make handmade ornaments for all the students on my school bus, that's 45-50 ornaments. Deciding what to make has actually got the juices flowing!

Mandy said...

Lovely! And you have a great blog & shop! My creativity comes in seeing things through my little ones' eyes. Everything is new and special to toddlers, and I love that!

bcre8uv said...

What a fun giveaway!

This year, my creativity is being inspired by the crummy economy...trying to make more and buy less. I am always inspired by the colors of the season, too.


Shannon said...

Ooh yummy, I so want to win! This season I'm being inspired creatively by clearing out clutter! It seems like the more I clear, the more creative and free I feel! (I just posted about that today in fact!)

Anonymous said...

Generally the panic I feel when looking at my bank account and realizing I need to buy gifts is what kicks the creativity into overdrive.


Great blog and thanks for the giveaway!


Annette said...

Honestly, I'm still waiting for the inspiration to kick in!

nomadcraftsetc said...

I LOVE that collage kit! LOVE it!

The thing that gives me inspiration during the holidays is seeing all of the Christmas specials on tv- From Charlie Brown to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! I love those stories! said...

My creativity comes from my imagination! Trying to set time aside each day to be cerative can be challenging. I get a lot of my ideas from children and my childhood memories when this time of year was more about simple things..being togeher with your family, doing little crafts, etc. Love your shop and just followed your blog! Have a giveaway too for $25 gift cert - I'd love for you to enter and get a chance o win!